A Guide to Building a Strong Loss of Value Claim in Orlando

Orlando, with its bustling avenues and roadways, is no stranger to vehicular mishaps. While injuries and immediate damages are often addressed promptly, there’s another aspect that frequently goes under the radar: the loss of value to a vehicle after an accident. Whether your car faced a minor fender bender or a significant collision, its post-repair market value can plummet—a situation termed ‘diminished value.’ Building a strong claim requires meticulous evidence collection. Here’s an insightful guide to help Orlando residents navigate this process.

Grasping Diminished Value

Even after comprehensive repairs, a vehicle with an accident history is often perceived as less reliable, leading to a market value decrease. Beyond immediate repair costs, this value loss can be substantial, impacting your asset’s worth when you decide to sell or trade in.

The Evidence Toolkit: Essentials for Your Claim

To substantiate a loss of value claim:

  • Pre-Accident Valuation: Establish your vehicle’s value before the accident. Use reputable sources like Kelley Blue Book or local dealerships for an accurate estimate.
  • Detailed Repair Documents: Maintain a thorough record of all repair tasks post-accident. This includes itemized bills, lists of replaced parts, and labor hours.
  • Post-Repair Inspection Report: Seek a detailed assessment from a reputable auto expert or mechanic. Highlight discrepancies between pre and post-accident conditions, even if repairs were carried out.

Expert Appraisals

  • Professional Appraisal: Consider getting your vehicle’s diminished value appraised by a recognized professional. Their detailed report can be a cornerstone for your claim.
  • Comparison Shopping: Approach multiple dealerships to get quotes on your vehicle’s post-repair value. Document the offers and remarks.

Photographs: A Picture Speaks Volumes

  • Documented Damage: Take clear photos of the vehicle’s damage before repairs. Capture multiple angles.
  • Post-Repair Status: Even after repairs, photograph the vehicle to highlight any lingering issues or visible signs of previous damage.

Personal Narratives: Your Experience Matters

  • Keep a Diary: Document your experiences, especially if you’ve faced challenges related to the vehicle’s performance post-repair.
  • Buyer Feedback: If you’ve attempted to sell the vehicle post-accident, record potential buyers’ feedback, especially if they cite the accident as a deterrent.

Navigating with Legal Expertise: The Attorney’s Role

  • Claim Navigation: Given Orlando’s specific legal landscape, an attorney familiar with loss of value claims can guide you in presenting evidence effectively.
  • Negotiation Edge: Insurance companies might challenge or undervalue your claim. An attorney can negotiate with more leverage, ensuring fair compensation.


Orlando’s vibrant streets, filled with cars of various makes and ages, tell stories of numerous journeys. And while every scratch or dent has its narrative, ensuring that a vehicular mishap doesn’t unfairly dent your asset’s value is crucial. By diligently collecting evidence and understanding the nuances of the claim process, you can protect your investment’s worth. Whether you’re cruising down an Orlando boulevard or parked in a driveway, remember that every car has its value, and preserving it is both a right and a responsibility. Safe driving and informed claiming, Orlando!