Orlando Public Transportation Liability Demystified

The rhythmic pulse of Orlando isn’t just felt in its attractions and parks, but also in the bustling hum of its public transportation system. From buses to SunRail trains, the city’s commitment to ferrying its residents and visitors is evident. However, with the daily flux of people and vehicles, accidents are, unfortunately, a possibility. When such incidents occur, questions about liability naturally arise. This guide endeavors to shine a light on the nuances of liability as it pertains to Orlando’s public transportation system.

The Groundwork of Liability

  • Duty of Care: Public transport entities owe passengers a duty of care. This implies maintaining safe vehicles, ensuring driver competency, and following safety regulations.
  • Breach & Injury: If this duty is breached and results in injury, the transport entity can be held liable.

Where Does Liability Rest?

Different scenarios can lead to varied liability determinations:

  • Vehicle Malfunctions: If an accident is caused due to a vehicle’s malfunction, the transport authority might be held liable for not maintaining the vehicle.
  • Driver Errors: Accidents resulting from a driver’s negligence—like speeding or not following traffic rules—can also place liability on the transport entity. They are responsible for their employees’ actions during work hours. 
  • External Factors: At times, third parties or external factors—like another negligent driver—might be the primary cause. In such cases, the transport entity might not bear liability.

What About Stations and Stops?

Liability isn’t limited to just on-road or on-track incidents. If a passenger is injured due to poor maintenance or hazards at a station or stop—like wet floors or broken seating—the transport entity can be held responsible.

Initiating a Claim: What You Should Do

In the aftermath of an incident:

  • Immediate Action: Report the accident to the transport officials. 
  • Document Everything: This includes photographs, ticket stubs, and any other evidence that can corroborate your claim.
  • Witness Accounts: If others witnessed the incident, their testimonies can be invaluable. Gather contact details.
  • Medical Evaluation: Prioritize health and get a thorough medical check-up. This not only ensures your well-being but also documents the injury.

Deciphering Legalities: The Value of Expert Guidance

Consulting a legal expert, especially one familiar with Orlando’s transportation landscape, can offer clarity. They can help in navigating claim processes, understanding rights, and ensuring just compensation.


As you navigate Orlando’s vibrant streets and rail tracks, the promise of safe and efficient public transportation is a given. Yet, understanding the underpinnings of liability ensures that, on the rare occasions things go awry, you’re well-equipped to seek the justice and compensation you deserve. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, remember: informed journeys are the safest journeys. Travel with care, Orlando!